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Customized In-housing Program

Coaching Service

Organlzation Development Consulting Service

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Our Service

We provide the total solutions to our clients in different ways. The key services cover the following areas.

Customized In-housing Program

Customized Solution

We tailor our program to meet the specific needs of your organization. To make sure that we will add value at each step, we will conduct the training program according to the following FOUR steps!

Our customized solutions allow organizations and leaders to address specific challenges and needs. Our customized services allow organizations to create systemic and holistic solutions that can make a sustainable difference at all levels of the organization, in any industry.



Management & Leadership

• Leadership at Different Level
• Self Leadership
• Leading Others
• Leading the Team
• Leading Performance
• Leader As Coach
• Executive Coaching
• The Leadership Challenge
• EI & SI For Managers
• Managerial Leadership
• Leading Virtual Team
• Manage Up Effectively
• People Management
• Management Skills
• Team Transition Management
• The Art Of Mentoring
• Mentoring Program
• Coaching For Growth & Career
• Coaching For Higher Performance
• Team Coaching
• The Art & Science of Coaching
• Coaching & Feedback
• Decision Making Skills
• Negotiation Skills for Manager
• Problem Solving Skills
• Conflict Management
• Effective Meeting Skills
• Stress & Emotion Management
• Master Time & Priorities
• HR Management for Non-HR Managers
• Performance Management
• Manager Recruit Talent
• Bottom-line Motivation
• Dance of Change
• Succession Plan
• Execution
• Communication For Result


Sales & Marketing

• Integrity Selling
• Effective Presentation Skills
• Key Account Management
• Negotiation Skills
• Negotiating and Influencing Skills
• Sales & Negotiation
• Sales Coaching
• Marketing & Sales
• Marketing Management
• Customer Service

Personal Development

• Assertiveness
• Business Courtesy and Etiquette
• Result Oriented Communication
• Professional Essentials
• Professional Image
• Communication & Interpersonal Skills
• Master Time & Priorities
• Stress Management
• Business Writing
• Influencing Skills
• How to be a Successful Subordinate
• Emotional Intelligence
• Advance Presentation Skills

Human Resource Management & Training

• Behavioral Interview Skills
• HR Management for Non-HR Manager
• Performance Management
• Train the Trainer

Corporate Culture & Teambuilding

• Teamwork/ Teambuilding
• How An Effective Team Works
• Cross Department Teamwork
• Team Diversity and Team Synergy
• Cross Culture Teamwork
• Building Efficient Cross-Culture Work Teams
• Intercultural Communication


Coaching Service

Solution Focused Coaching Service

Our individual, team and group - focused organizational and executive coaching solutions can create value at all levels of organization, either to the sales team or to the CEO in any industry.
• Systematic Coaching
This effective coaching program will have two part:

Systematic Coaching includes 3 modules, with 5 days for each session, total 15 days, 128 hours. These modules will meet ICF Accredited Coaching Specific Training Hour (ACSTH).

Systematic Coaching Module 4 aim to develop at least ICF certified PCC level coaching, which includes 4-day’ class room training and 3 to 6-month mentor coaching at least 10 sessions, total around 50 hours, meeting International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coaching Training Program (ACTP).
• Executive Coaching
• High Performance Team Coaching
• Leader as Coach
• Solution Focused Coaching Program


Organlzation Development Consulting Service


Strategy is great, but it doesn’t work until you turn it into the reality. It is foundation to steer where your organization is heading for. But how you do that effectively is really a challenge for many organizations?

We will work with you together to develop both organizational and individual capability to implement your strategy effectively, thus to reach the success. We will help you to clarify the strategy and business model, identify the gap between the current and the future, design smooth organization structure, and then manage communication and implementation accordingly.

• Strategy clarification
• Business model clarification
• Gap identification
• Organization structure design
• Strategy communication


Having a great strategy is one thing, but executing successfully is another thing.

How to bridge the gap between the strategy, operations, structure and people is a key issue?
We will work close with business leaders to help you improve your organization effectiveness to execute effectively. Thus we will help you to bridge the gap and bring the strategy to life and make it work.

We will first build the competency model based on the strategy, and then help the client to make the changes on structure and operation if needed. After that, we will assess the current talent and the future needs for the organization, then enhance people’s capability through various projects, activities, on-job-training and other development programs, thus to ensure the end results.

• Competency building
• Structure and operation changes
• Talent assessment
• Talent development


You have an ambitious strategy and execution plan, now what? At end, it is all about the result. How to create a high performance organization is what you concerns most?

We will help you to set up the strategic performance management system, so you can monitor the performance in the better way and we will train your leaders and managers on how to manage employee’s performance at daily work. In addition, don’t forget about release your people’s potential and motivate them to align their personal goals with the organization ones.

• Performance system building
• Performance management
• People motivation

Leadership Development

Leaders at all level are the driving force to ensure the organization growth and success. And a real leader doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to develop. Jack Welch once said: “It is not long to spend 10 years to develop a qualified manager.” So developing leaders is a long process.

To accelerate leadership transformation, we will first help you to map leadership pipeline at all levels in your organization, then we will assess the leaders’ capabilities and potentials and to find out the star leaders that can be develop further in the future. After that, we will develop the leaders through action learning projects, succession plan activities, mentoring and coaching, and other leadership development programs.

• Leadership pipeline mapping
• Assessment
• Identify and nurture leaders
• Leadership development at all levels

Talent Management

In order to ensure your future, an organization needs enough talent to do so. For the sustainable growth in the future, you need to focus on the following when developing talent:

• Current needs – to improve organization’s management and performance
• Strategic needs – to fill the vacancy, develop and enhance competitiveness in the future
• Individual needs – to fulfill self improvement and challenges

We will study and understand your strategy, business and demands for talent. Base on the competency model, we will analyze the key positions and its requirements, and then match people to the position and see what the gap is. We will align current, future and individual needs together to come up with the system of talent management from selecting right people, managing performances correctly, map their career and develop them accordingly through different means.

• Clarify current and future needs, as well as individual needs
• Identify the gap
• Build up the development system
• Select talent
• Design development activities and training courses
• Monitor activities and conduct training courses
• Make succession plan

Public Class

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