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Charlie Pellerin
Founder of 4D Leadership System


Charlie joined NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in 1967. He received the Center's highest patent related award for a "Two-axis Fluxgate Magnetometer. The design, published in IEEE Transactions, flew on sounding rockets and missions exploring planets. He earned a PhD in Astrophysics publishing in Solar Physics and the Astrophysical Journal. Catholic University awarded him their Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievement in Science.

After the Harvard Business School's "Program for Management Development," NASA appointed Charlie Director, Astrophysics. He led this multi-billion dollar program for a decade. Charlie invented the Great Observatories Program garnering over $8B for space astrophysics. NASA awarded him an Outstanding Leadership Medal and the American Astronautical Society gave him their highest award, the Space Flight Award.

In 1990, Charlie launched the Hubble Space Telescope with a flawed mirror. He then mounted the space repair mission that fixed the telescope. Hubble is now in its 20th year of operations. NASA awarded him a second Outstanding Leadership Medal, an honor bestowed on less than 50 people (including astronauts) in NASA's History. For leadership of the Astrophysics Division, and strategic planning, NASA then awarded him the Distinguished Service Medal, given "when the contribution is so extraordinary that other forms of recognition would be inadequate."

In 1993, he joined the University of Colorado's (CU) Business School as a professor of Leadership. He a course called "21st Century Leadership" to undergraduates, MBAs, and executives. His classes had the highest ratings in the college, consistently "A+."

In 1995, Charlie founded "4-D Systems" and promoted 4D Leadership during last two decades all over the world. His coaches won the International Coach Federation's 2007 Prism Award for "enhanced excellence and business achievement…with documented return on investment."

His book,How NASA Builds Teams (Wiley, 2009) is published in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Taiwan and the Mainland), Bulgarian, Russian, and Czech. Charlie's current focus is supporting the 4-D Network Providers in more than 75 countries in helping people worldwide have better lives and better work experiences.

Charlie lives a happy and fulfilling life with his wife, Junko, in Boulder, Colorado with extended occasional stays in Sapporo, Japan. Together they enjoy travelling, history, art and good food.

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